International Talent Management Workshop

Join us for our International TMA Talent Management Workshop to learn about how to use our proven method to integrate your talent leadership and improve the workforce experience.

All attendees will be able to receive a talent assessment after the webinar.
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Free Talent assessment for attendees!

After the webinar you will be able to have a talent assessment that maps out drives and talents and is directly linked to our competency library.

22 drives
53 competencies
Career advisor


During this 2 hour online event, we will have top talent experts discussing topics including talent acquisition, onboarding, teaming, development, succession, and right-placement. The event will be followed by a 30 minute Q&A session and the opportunity to meet with speakers. Attendees will be able to have our signature Talent assessment as a demo.

Sam Reeve

Managing Consultant @CompTeam

Sam is the CEO and founder of CompTeam. His core focus is leading companies through transformational change by optimizing talent initiatives with reward programs to achieve long-term strategic objectives.

André Blom

Co-founder @TMA International

Having a career in the Dutch Royal Marine Corps, studying social science/pedagogics, and training recruits in the Dutch police force for 12 years developed a unique perspective on leadership and total talent management. Weaving together theory from social science/pedagogics, extended leadership experiences, best practice with personal anecdotes and observations from hundreds of international HR-business cases.

Pilly Martinez

Master Trainer in Talent Management Methodologies. @Arancione

With 20 years of experience as a leader in different areas, Pily has been focused on Talent Management, achieving successful results in the areas of Supply Chain, Operations, Marketing, and Sales with international awards as the best leader in the continent and the world.

Jorge Martinez

CEO @Arancione

He has more than 20 years of experience in companies such as JP Morgan, Grupo Posadas (The Mexican Biggest Hotel Chain in Mexico), Nextel, and Chubb. As he developed in his career, he realized the importance of talent and the lack of consideration of potential in strategic decisions in the Human resources field.

Peter Tuybens

Senior coach and facilitator

Peter Tuybens is passionate about guiding management teams and strategic workshops, talent-focused coaching of top people, advising organizations (and especially their people) in change.
Since May 2020 Peter has been active as a senior coach and facilitator in Belgium and abroad, for individuals and teams in professional organizations. He coaches and facilitates in Dutch, French, and English.

Andreas Fritsch

Executive Coach, Trainer @Frtisch Consulting group

Andreas is a renowned personal coach in Austria and Germany with a specialization in helping employees develop their desire and enthusiasm to further enhance their abilities and willingness to achieve, getting to know how people "tick" with the aid of modern diagnostics and identifying talents, minimizing inefficiencies and creating teams with extraordinary impact.

Leadership is the cornerstone of talent management.

As a central point of integral talent management, Leadership represents a very important aspect.

All attendees will be able to receive a talent assessment after the webinar.